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Shakin’ the Tree

Posted in Radio Shows by chcrmember on October 3, 2008
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12am: Venus Transit hosted by TK200, repeat
2am: Something Else hosted by Sandman, repeat
4am: Not Sure Yet hosted by Tim Rivers-Garret, repeat
8am: Random Radio hosted by DJ Peanut Butter, repeat
10am: No Name Show hosted by Mr. No Name/Peri Livesey, repeat
12pm: Church of the Earth Leo Del Pasqua, repeat
3pm: Sabrina and The Devine Circle hosted by Sabrina
5pm: Walkin’ The Dogs hosted by Freewheelin’, repeat
7pm: Shakin’ The Tree hosted by The Tyler Guy
11pm: Cousin Ken’s Show hosted by Cousin Ken, repeat

Shakin’ The Tree, a show hosted bvy the Tyler Guy, offers blues, rock and “middle of the road music” from the 50’s through the 80’s. If you’re lucky, there is music from the 90’s as well, if it doesn’t push it. Catch it on CHCR, 102.9, 104.5 FM and online at


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