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Interviewing with Ian Tamblyn, article

Posted in Interview by chcrmember on November 7, 2008
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Ian Tamblyn came to Wilno as part of the Wilno Film Festival to perform some of his great music.
He began playing music in 1967 in Thunder bay and then professionally in 1972. The first instrumnet he picked up was the ukelele, but that soon broadened out into the guitar, the piano, the Native American flute and the dulcimer.

36 years later, he has written between 1500 to 2000 songs. Approximately 600 of those songs were recorded, making up 29 albums. His most successful album, called “Over My Head”, sold over 100 000 copies.
His influences varies. At the moment, he is listening to Melissa McClelland’s Thumbelina Fantasy, Allyson Moorer, and Sudgan Stevens, Illinois. He listens to a lot of different music.
He recently played on a cruise ship for three weeks. Few of the songs were his own, but he took great pride in never repeating a single song while he played there. This time, he started off with a song called “Wind Through the Tucamore”. He went on to play many more, including “Black Spruce”. He finished off with “Ark of Dreams and Prayers”, “Tiger Lily Road”. As an encore, he played an amusing song called “Absolut Vodka and Wine”. He brought the audience from tears to laughter in two songs, as one of the audience put it. He really enjoys coming out to the Wilno Station Inn and will be there again, I am sure.