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Dub Vibe at the Killaloe Lions Hall

Posted in Concert by chcrmember on November 10, 2008
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Saturday, December 13 will see Dub Vibe playing at the Killaloe Lions Hall as part of a larger event. The all ages event will feature local opening acts, belly dancing demonstrations and fine crafts. The show starts at 8:00, but come as early as 6:00. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. They are available at Grandma’s Pantry in Killaloe, Pickles and Quilts in Wilno, South of 60 Arts Centre in Barry’s Bay and Bob’s Music in Pembroke. For more information, email


Old Time Gospel Show and The Country Classic Show

Posted in Radio Shows by chcrmember on November 9, 2008
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Announcing a new DJ joing us at CHCR. Jerome Fabian has a few words to say:

Hi my name is Jerome Fabian.  I have just moved back to the Ottawa valley.  I had been away for many, many years.  Both of my parents where born in this area.  My mom in Tramore, and dad in the Bonnechere.  I have been a Lay Preacher, for over thirty five years.  My main desire is to help people understand the teaching’s of  Jesus.   Did you know, that Religion is man trying, to make himself good enough for God.  Christianity is God excepting man , just the way he is, and then changing them.  You are invited to listen in, and enjoy some good old country gospel  music, that is sung by some well known country artist’s.   listen to the Old Time Gospel Show, on CHCR Sundays from 5:00  to 6:00 PM. I hope that there are still listeners that share my love for the old country sound.  Some days you may hear, my wife, Elaine, and I playing the quitar, and singing a song or two also.  Come and visit us, every Sunday from 6:00 pm. to 7:00 pm.

Benefit Dance for Cheryl Stanley

Posted in Public Service Announcement by chcrmember on November 8, 2008
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Looking to dance? Come out and have a good time for a good cause. Two benefit dances are scheduled to help out the Stanley family who lost their home on Thanksgiving Day. The first dance is Saturday, November 8 at 8 pm. The second is Saturday, December 6 at 8 pm. Both will be held at the Combermere Community Centre. Tickets are $8 and a light lunch will be served. DJ Scott Mask will provide the tunes on November 8 and Vertigo and the Rock Hotel Co will have the other dance. Lots of dance prizes and raffles to be won. Come out and have a good time supporting a family in need.

Wilno Film Festival

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The 5th Annual Wilno Film Festival was a great success. Held at the Wilno Station Inn, it brought together many independent films and musicians. Thursday night started it off with films and the Songwriter’s Showcase. Friday showed the TV pilot of Backwoods Gourmet, directed by Barry Goldie. On Saturday, the film Griefwalker was shown, with its creator presiding afterwards for discussion of it’s themes. The night was rounded off with Ian Tamblyn performing some of his songs and the 100 mile buffet feast prepared by the Red Canoe Café. On Sunday, it was wrapped up with the Dorothy Day story and a documentary of Madonna House. It was an insightful and enjoyable experience for all those who came out. I highly recommend marking it down on your calendars and attending this event in the future.

Interviewing with Ian Tamblyn, article

Posted in Interview by chcrmember on November 7, 2008
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Ian Tamblyn came to Wilno as part of the Wilno Film Festival to perform some of his great music.
He began playing music in 1967 in Thunder bay and then professionally in 1972. The first instrumnet he picked up was the ukelele, but that soon broadened out into the guitar, the piano, the Native American flute and the dulcimer.

36 years later, he has written between 1500 to 2000 songs. Approximately 600 of those songs were recorded, making up 29 albums. His most successful album, called “Over My Head”, sold over 100 000 copies.
His influences varies. At the moment, he is listening to Melissa McClelland’s Thumbelina Fantasy, Allyson Moorer, and Sudgan Stevens, Illinois. He listens to a lot of different music.
He recently played on a cruise ship for three weeks. Few of the songs were his own, but he took great pride in never repeating a single song while he played there. This time, he started off with a song called “Wind Through the Tucamore”. He went on to play many more, including “Black Spruce”. He finished off with “Ark of Dreams and Prayers”, “Tiger Lily Road”. As an encore, he played an amusing song called “Absolut Vodka and Wine”. He brought the audience from tears to laughter in two songs, as one of the audience put it. He really enjoys coming out to the Wilno Station Inn and will be there again, I am sure.

PSA – All Saints Day Dance

Posted in Public Service Announcement by chcrmember on October 26, 2008

Get dancing this All Saints Day, November 1st at the All Saints Day Dance! It’s set to happen at the Earthship outside of Killaloe. Starting at 8 and going until 11, One Vision from Southern Ontario and Killaloe’s own Erroll Francis, a.k.a. Erroll Starr will play live reggae. A $10 cover charge will include snacks. Reserve your space early by calling 613-757-2000 or emailing

Drum Clinic hosted by Tommy Clufetos in Pembroke, CHCR was There!

Posted in Concert by chcrmember on October 24, 2008
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Alsandair O’Neill, a.k.a. Sandman and Peter Benner, a.k.a. Peanut Butter, represented CHCR at a drum clinic hosted by the drummer for Rob Zombie, Tommy Clufetos, at Bob’s Music in Pembroke, Thursday Oct 23. Only fitting that the ex-Headbangers Show DJ went to see this event. Still a Headbanger at heart, he jumped at the chance to see this guy perform for the small time crowd in Pembroke. He had a chat with Tommy and will be sharing his impressions on the next Something Else show next Wednesday at 8 o’clock, on 102.9, 104.5 FM or

Moon Rappin’

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12am Something Else Sandman World, Rock & blue, repeat
2am: Walkin’ The Dogs hosted by Freewheelin’, repeat
4am: Venus Transit hosted by TK2000, repeat
6am: Random Radio hosted by DJ Peanut Butter, repeat
8am: The Musical Box hosted by Kevin Munroe, repeat
10am: Putamayo Party hosted by Andy Gajda
12pm: Blinded By Science hosted by Andy Gajda
1pm: Sabrina and The Devine Circle hosted by Sabrina, repeat
3pm: PM Wednesdays hosted by Freewheelin’, repeat
6pm: No Name Show hosted by Mr. No Name/Peri Livesey
8pm: Moon Rappin’ hosted by Clint McTauras & Tim Journey
11pm: Church of the Earth hosted by Leo Del Pasqua, repeat

Moon Rappin’ is a fairly new show hosted by Clint McTaurus and Tim Journey started a few weeks ago. They play an eclectic assortment of music and always have an interesting topic to talk about. Listen in for phone calls from people sharing stories about the topics, or just calling to chat. Mondays 8 pm to 11 pm on 102.9, 104.5 FM or online at

PSA: Cheryl Stanley

Posted in Public Service Announcement by chcrmember on October 19, 2008

Last week, a very dear friend of mine and energetic member of our community, lost her home to a fire. Her fourteen-year-old son was badly burned, and her hands had been burned as well. They have been in Cheo in Ottawa, while the boy recovers. She also has four daughters that escaped unharmed and are staying at a friend’s house.

Cheryl Stanley is a member of CHCR, a member of the Unity Dollar Association and has helped to organize and take part in many events and organizations in this area in the few years she has lived here. One of the most notable in my experience was her involvement in the Barry’s Bay and Combermere Farmer’s Markets. Through those connections, she gave me my first job when I moved to this area. She certainly has great heart.

That is why it appalled me that our local newspaper, the Barry’s Bay This Week, barely reported the story. She got a picture and a brief paragraph. I realize that there were many more stories that needed to go to press, but I have seen other fires in the area become front page news with full articles. Surely we can do better for someone who has given so much to the community surrounding us.

Madonna House, the Red Cross, the Unity Dollar Association and CHCR are all helping to get her a place to live for the winter and raising money for her benefit. To help out or donate, please contact these organizations. I give thanks to everyone who helps out.

-Stephanie Fehr

Not Sure Yet

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12am: Shakin’ The Tree hosted by The Tyler Guy, repeat
4am: Church of the Earth hosted by Leo Del Pasqua, repeat
7am: Moon Rappin’ hosted by Clint McTauras & Tim Journey, repeat
10am: Time To Worship hosted by Alfred Ames & Steve Smock
12pm: Random Radio hosted by DJ Peanut Butter, repeat
2pm: Vinyl Valley hosted by Steve Johnson
5pm: Not Sure Yet hosted by Tim Rivers-Garret
9pm: The Village Meat hosted by Jack
11pm: Something Else hosted by Sandman, repeat

Take some time out of your day to listen to CHCR. Today’s featured program starts at 5 pm. The Not Sure Yet show hosted by Tim Rivers-Garret has lots of variety in both music and topics. Tune in on 102.9, 104.5 FM or online at

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