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On Saturday, December the 13, Dubvibe played at the Lions Hall in Killaloe. It was part of a craft fair and concert event. At six, the doors opened and people had the opportunity to shop local. Products included hand-made soaps and beeswax candles, jewellery and mosaics, and organic baked goods from all kinds of local farms and craftsmen.
It was a great night to listen to reggae. Dubvibe filled the hall with dancing tunes. Tk2000 a.k.a. Tanya Kornobis, singing and playing keyboard. She had Greg Zawidski on lead guitar, on a guitar he handcrafted, no less. Kevin Munroe played rhythm guitar. Jude was on bass. They had two drummers, both the Martel boys, keeping the beat. They played a lot of originals from Boogiewall Soundsystem, as well as newer songs written by Kevin Munroe. There were lots of Bob Marley covers, too, for what is a night of reggae without Bob Marley?
The show went until 1 o’clock and still people wanted more. It was a great time and hopefully they play again soon.


Dub Vibe at the Killaloe Lions Hall

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Saturday, December 13 will see Dub Vibe playing at the Killaloe Lions Hall as part of a larger event. The all ages event will feature local opening acts, belly dancing demonstrations and fine crafts. The show starts at 8:00, but come as early as 6:00. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. They are available at Grandma’s Pantry in Killaloe, Pickles and Quilts in Wilno, South of 60 Arts Centre in Barry’s Bay and Bob’s Music in Pembroke. For more information, email

Wilno Film Festival

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The 5th Annual Wilno Film Festival was a great success. Held at the Wilno Station Inn, it brought together many independent films and musicians. Thursday night started it off with films and the Songwriter’s Showcase. Friday showed the TV pilot of Backwoods Gourmet, directed by Barry Goldie. On Saturday, the film Griefwalker was shown, with its creator presiding afterwards for discussion of it’s themes. The night was rounded off with Ian Tamblyn performing some of his songs and the 100 mile buffet feast prepared by the Red Canoe Café. On Sunday, it was wrapped up with the Dorothy Day story and a documentary of Madonna House. It was an insightful and enjoyable experience for all those who came out. I highly recommend marking it down on your calendars and attending this event in the future.

Interviewing with Ian Tamblyn, article

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Ian Tamblyn came to Wilno as part of the Wilno Film Festival to perform some of his great music.
He began playing music in 1967 in Thunder bay and then professionally in 1972. The first instrumnet he picked up was the ukelele, but that soon broadened out into the guitar, the piano, the Native American flute and the dulcimer.

36 years later, he has written between 1500 to 2000 songs. Approximately 600 of those songs were recorded, making up 29 albums. His most successful album, called “Over My Head”, sold over 100 000 copies.
His influences varies. At the moment, he is listening to Melissa McClelland’s Thumbelina Fantasy, Allyson Moorer, and Sudgan Stevens, Illinois. He listens to a lot of different music.
He recently played on a cruise ship for three weeks. Few of the songs were his own, but he took great pride in never repeating a single song while he played there. This time, he started off with a song called “Wind Through the Tucamore”. He went on to play many more, including “Black Spruce”. He finished off with “Ark of Dreams and Prayers”, “Tiger Lily Road”. As an encore, he played an amusing song called “Absolut Vodka and Wine”. He brought the audience from tears to laughter in two songs, as one of the audience put it. He really enjoys coming out to the Wilno Station Inn and will be there again, I am sure.


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CHCR has a lot to offer, having been around for ten years now. The shows reflect the diversity of Killaloe and the surrounding areas in content and music. Tune in for everything from classical, to reggae, to heavy metal. Talk shows range from Christian and spiritual to environmental and political. You can listen live at 102.9 in Killaloe, 104.5 in Wilno and online at
As a volunteer radio station, they have plenty of positions available for those who want to get involved. Learn a skill in radio broadcasting, managing, computer tech support, or in other areas. Can’t spare the time? Become a member for ten dollars a year or donate money. You will be helping further CHCR’s goals in becoming a major radio station both in it’s local community and in the global community.

The CHCR Radio Blog Is Here!

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After several months of planning, the CHCR blog is here. This blog will contain posts on DJ and show profiles, events, sponsors and news relating to our community radio station.
For those new to CHCR, it is Killaloe’s own community radio station. Started ten years ago, it is slowly growing and has become a regular part of many people’s lives. Listen live at 102.9 and 104.5 FM or hear it online at